Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Life is going pretty slowly at the moment.
After tomorrow its June, and in June i graduate! i'm really excited for that.. walking across the stage, recieving the "fake" diploma (they hand us the real one after the ceremony to avoid people leaving in the middle). It supposed to be a glorious moment.

I'm also really excited for Grad Night. We'll be pulling an all nighter at disneyland..ah! so much fun!

I spoke to Mr. Bellos today about assigning a class project to help our grades, i think he listened. At first he was like "yeah i'm not sure if we'll do it." and i was like "it would be really nice..." and he says "well, i'll think about it.."
and i ended it with "it would be super cool mr!"
hah..yeah..i was nice to him.. you have to catch bee's with honey right? (goes that one..saying)

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The new pics for shoshanim

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how is it that auggie is just so photogenic?