Monday, March 31, 2008

The Perspective

Who I am is how I see the world...

Stand aside and absorb the moments of life.

Will you be spent away in a rush? Is there any time left to just be?

Be it walking through unlit streets at night to sitting on a swing in the rain
 - stop moving and just feel.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Where do you spend your time and money? What do we focus our energy on?

I believe that sometimes people get side tracked in their daily activities.
We forget that there should be more to life then that perfect cup of coffee in the morning to the newest style of shoes.
Some won't even consider that there could be possibly more to life.

These ideas popped into my mind from random experiences of the past week.

Because I discovered that even though Tsfat is a mostly religious town, there are those that will spend time, money and energy over events they consider holy and everlasting...

And there are those who those who spend their time, money and energy into something else.

These examples are a little extreme, but I feel that my point still remains clear.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yep, The Olive Tree Forest

There's not much to write about the Olive Tree Forest. Pictures tell the whole story, don't they? - Well maybe thats not exactly true, but these pictures do.

"Rabbi Yehoshuah Ben Levi said: Why is Israel compared to an olive tree? Because just as the leaves of an olive tree do not fall off either in summer or winter. So, too, the Jewish people shall not be cast off, neither in this world nor in the World to Come."
              - Tractate Menachot 51b

The Jewish people are like olive oil - always rising atop. 

Sorry folks, us Jews are gonna be sticking around a long while!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Finally: The Almond Tree Forest

I apologize for how long it's taken me to put this post up. In all truth, it was the attack in the Merkaz Harav Yeshivah that threw me off. I wanted to write inspiring words full of hope, about how everything will work out for the best. Including the idea that G-d is everywhere - in everything, even in this. But I can't seem to come up with straight thoughts and ideas that really express how I feel.

So we're just going to go back to the original plan. 

Enjoy the pictures.

The Almond Tree Forest.
Tzfat [Tsfat, Zefat, Safed], Israel

Hope you enjoyed!
Here's a sneak peak to my next post - The Olive Tree Forest

Monday, March 03, 2008

Appreciate What You Have...

  Going down to the "almond forest" today with a few friends. I'm not even sure if the place has an official name. We discovered the blossoming almond trees other day on our ritual walk to Shefa Shuk and decided it would be fun to go down there and take pictures. 

So we're going on an adventure.

In the mean time, here are more pictures from my trip to Jerusalem.