Wednesday, May 31, 2006

black out!

There was a blackout at school today. Bravo survives on electricity so when the power does shut off, the whole school has to stop. I missed most of 5th and 6th period because of it..and i got to take some cool looking pictures!!

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Life is going pretty slowly at the moment.
After tomorrow its June, and in June i graduate! i'm really excited for that.. walking across the stage, recieving the "fake" diploma (they hand us the real one after the ceremony to avoid people leaving in the middle). It supposed to be a glorious moment.

I'm also really excited for Grad Night. We'll be pulling an all nighter at disneyland..ah! so much fun!

I spoke to Mr. Bellos today about assigning a class project to help our grades, i think he listened. At first he was like "yeah i'm not sure if we'll do it." and i was like "it would be really nice..." and he says "well, i'll think about it.."
and i ended it with "it would be super cool mr!"
hah..yeah..i was nice to him.. you have to catch bee's with honey right? (goes that one..saying)

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The new pics for shoshanim

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how is it that auggie is just so photogenic?


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Principal from...................

I found the picture of my principal glaring at the senior class during pep rally. yay!

Here she is looking all happ and nice.

and here is her real personality!

Monday, May 15, 2006

MY AP test

I dont really know what to write about..
My AP test wasnt as hard as i though it would be. I know what it feels like to take a test and know nothing, and score a 2. (last year's APUS test). For this test, i feel a whole lot more confident. My goal is a 4, but i'll be ok with a 3. (5 is the best).

here are some of the essy responses that were on the test.

1. Pick two images with nature, one from a non-european tradition, and analyze how each one represents its culture and time period....something like that..
I chose to write my essay on..

Monet's haystacks and.. and one of Ashurnasirpal's war reliefs..

2. (i dont remember these in order) What part of this image is influenced from the classical period?

3. This question asked specifically who the architect is, and how did this building's design influence skyscrapers....

4. The next question was a quote, and we had to respond to it.. nothing big..

5. We had to attribute this painting to an artist, and explain why.

I think im forgetting a few questions, but the last one i i remember..

6. Symbols have been used in art, and each one represents something important or represents an idea popular to that time period. Choose 2 works of art (one from a non-european tradition) and disscuss them.*not the ext words - but close enough to the idea*
i chose to write about..

The Marriage of Arnolfini and his wife
(by Jan Van Eyck)

and The Victory Stele of Naram Sin.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My life at the moment...but not forever

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI just thought it would be nice to show you a picture of my desk on a typical night, when im assigned a huge outline for art history. Note the HUGE book, that has maybe 1200 pages.I keep a water bottle next to me to stay hydrated because it takes a lot to conquer this book...seriously.. the papers to the left of the water bottle are all the completed entries. (it looks like a lot but believe it or not there is more!). To the way way right is some chocolate that i like to munch on now and then.

its wonderful, i know.

Next, i thought i'd introduce you to Mr. Rodriguez
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Although, i like to refer to him as.. Big Man rodriguez...sometimes for short - just Big Man. I've had a conflict with him in the past. He likes to treat all students the same. What i mean is that because there is a possibility of a student acting up, being rude, ditching class - you know the type - he has the brilliant method of treating all students as if they are that type.
You get no respect from this guy.
Unless he means them as a joke..
thats no excuse.

Just a little 411 on America's school on the top 100 list!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Im going through one those big decision moments. It feels like there is some kind of big heavy rock hanging over my shoulders.....

I have to make a decision between two sweaters. Either i get a Bravo senior sweater or one from American Eagle Outfitters.

life can be tough

Thursday, May 04, 2006


The other day my english teacher showed me an article he found on the internet about Jubu's. What it is - is group of people who are usually born of jewish background and follow Buddhist traditions. They all come in different levels, for instance some Jew's will tie closer to Juddaism but follow Buddhist philosophy. Then there is the reverse where Jew's follow Buddhism full on and only relate to Judaism by ethnicity. interesting. Did you know that the first American to convert to Buddhism was Jewish?

I'll be counting down the days untill my AP Art History test (May 11th). It's a big load hanging over my shoulders, and I will finally be able to relax once its gone.

Oh yes, and yet again - Bravo seemed to rank in the top 100 high schools of America.

There's Mrs. Torres - Flores accepting the reward. Yeah, she looks all sweet and nice here, but if i showed you one picture i had taken of her. Oh man - devil in disguise! I took a picture at pep rally (mind you - she HATES pep rally) while she was glaring at the senior class. Too bad, that was a brilliant shot...

7 more days - i'm thinking happy thoughts and dreaming of flowers with butterflies.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Catch my disease

Ok, so the title isn't so original- think Ben Lee - but it pertains to today's post.

There is a certain desease that passes around my school (i'm sure at others too), and it only affects the seniors. Yes, you guessed it -
senioritis. It catches on to the best of us.. including me.
There are times when i come home from school and the last thing on my mind is homework. I just can't bring myself to pulling out the pen and paper and get down to work. Sometimes i'd like to use Art History as my scape goat.
Mr. Bellos is insane. ok - not insane - but he has some serious problems. Just today, he assigned us 3 essays each worth 200 points.
yes - each. Plus, on top of that we have to finish our last outline. Greeeaaaaaat. Seriously, what is it that makes him think we actually want to spend our entire 48 hour weekend working on his stuff? This especially works with seniors. It's our last year, GIVE US A BREAK!
Back to my point, there are days when i get home from school and from 5:00 pm till 12:00 am i'm working on his outlines. (with a break here and there). So its no wonder that when i don't have any homework for his class, i just feel like sitting around and doing absolutely nothing. "I'll do it on the bus ride to schoool." - nope. "I'll do it in the morning."... that doesnt happen either.
...yeah. sometimes my work gets done maybe... 3 seconds before its time to turn it in.

The good news is that i got accepted to the seminary i applied to. One year in israel - w00t!

Tzfat - here i come!

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