Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My life at the moment...but not forever

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI just thought it would be nice to show you a picture of my desk on a typical night, when im assigned a huge outline for art history. Note the HUGE book, that has maybe 1200 pages.I keep a water bottle next to me to stay hydrated because it takes a lot to conquer this book...seriously.. the papers to the left of the water bottle are all the completed entries. (it looks like a lot but believe it or not there is more!). To the way way right is some chocolate that i like to munch on now and then.

its wonderful, i know.

Next, i thought i'd introduce you to Mr. Rodriguez
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Although, i like to refer to him as.. Big Man rodriguez...sometimes for short - just Big Man. I've had a conflict with him in the past. He likes to treat all students the same. What i mean is that because there is a possibility of a student acting up, being rude, ditching class - you know the type - he has the brilliant method of treating all students as if they are that type.
You get no respect from this guy.
Unless he means them as a joke..
thats no excuse.

Just a little 411 on America's school on the top 100 list!


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