Thursday, May 04, 2006


The other day my english teacher showed me an article he found on the internet about Jubu's. What it is - is group of people who are usually born of jewish background and follow Buddhist traditions. They all come in different levels, for instance some Jew's will tie closer to Juddaism but follow Buddhist philosophy. Then there is the reverse where Jew's follow Buddhism full on and only relate to Judaism by ethnicity. interesting. Did you know that the first American to convert to Buddhism was Jewish?

I'll be counting down the days untill my AP Art History test (May 11th). It's a big load hanging over my shoulders, and I will finally be able to relax once its gone.

Oh yes, and yet again - Bravo seemed to rank in the top 100 high schools of America.

There's Mrs. Torres - Flores accepting the reward. Yeah, she looks all sweet and nice here, but if i showed you one picture i had taken of her. Oh man - devil in disguise! I took a picture at pep rally (mind you - she HATES pep rally) while she was glaring at the senior class. Too bad, that was a brilliant shot...

7 more days - i'm thinking happy thoughts and dreaming of flowers with butterflies.


Mottel said...

Good luck!

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