Monday, May 15, 2006

MY AP test

I dont really know what to write about..
My AP test wasnt as hard as i though it would be. I know what it feels like to take a test and know nothing, and score a 2. (last year's APUS test). For this test, i feel a whole lot more confident. My goal is a 4, but i'll be ok with a 3. (5 is the best).

here are some of the essy responses that were on the test.

1. Pick two images with nature, one from a non-european tradition, and analyze how each one represents its culture and time period....something like that..
I chose to write my essay on..

Monet's haystacks and.. and one of Ashurnasirpal's war reliefs..

2. (i dont remember these in order) What part of this image is influenced from the classical period?

3. This question asked specifically who the architect is, and how did this building's design influence skyscrapers....

4. The next question was a quote, and we had to respond to it.. nothing big..

5. We had to attribute this painting to an artist, and explain why.

I think im forgetting a few questions, but the last one i i remember..

6. Symbols have been used in art, and each one represents something important or represents an idea popular to that time period. Choose 2 works of art (one from a non-european tradition) and disscuss them.*not the ext words - but close enough to the idea*
i chose to write about..

The Marriage of Arnolfini and his wife
(by Jan Van Eyck)

and The Victory Stele of Naram Sin.

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