Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Catch my disease

Ok, so the title isn't so original- think Ben Lee - but it pertains to today's post.

There is a certain desease that passes around my school (i'm sure at others too), and it only affects the seniors. Yes, you guessed it -
senioritis. It catches on to the best of us.. including me.
There are times when i come home from school and the last thing on my mind is homework. I just can't bring myself to pulling out the pen and paper and get down to work. Sometimes i'd like to use Art History as my scape goat.
Mr. Bellos is insane. ok - not insane - but he has some serious problems. Just today, he assigned us 3 essays each worth 200 points.
yes - each. Plus, on top of that we have to finish our last outline. Greeeaaaaaat. Seriously, what is it that makes him think we actually want to spend our entire 48 hour weekend working on his stuff? This especially works with seniors. It's our last year, GIVE US A BREAK!
Back to my point, there are days when i get home from school and from 5:00 pm till 12:00 am i'm working on his outlines. (with a break here and there). So its no wonder that when i don't have any homework for his class, i just feel like sitting around and doing absolutely nothing. "I'll do it on the bus ride to schoool." - nope. "I'll do it in the morning."... that doesnt happen either.
...yeah. sometimes my work gets done maybe... 3 seconds before its time to turn it in.

The good news is that i got accepted to the seminary i applied to. One year in israel - w00t!

Tzfat - here i come!

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caligraphi said...

woohoooo!!! sefira! i am so thrilled and happy for u ! u r gonna have the time of ur life!!!

Anonymous said...

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