Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No internet = No brain (or something like that)

Yeah, I'm chewing on my own words right now. I told my friend Elisheva the other day that it's good to be off the internet.. And then of course I come back to Atlanta with no more hot spot/free-neighbor connection at my little post in the corner of the kitchen. I'm learning to manage, but in the mean time I can't seem to think about what to write.

So here is a nice picture to oogle at until I can write about something... (I was thinking of maybe about people who are grouches in the morning)..

From Tveria

And here's my thought.

I wonder if the old man is still selling his stuff. Did he give up?


sarabonne said...

In tzfat there was this creepy man who wanted me to work for him-turns out he was part of the Russaian-Israeli mafia and shot a guy the previous summer for hitting on his wife.

You must have been talking about a different old man....

Mottel said...

Do what I did in Lithuania w/o internet. Write up whatever you want on your laptop - blog posts, emails etc. Go to place w/internet. Upload what you want, take care of any new emails, then open all of the posts and sites you want to read in the browser. Once you're off line, read them in the browser!

le7 said...

Errr sorry Sef. I have a feeling this happened because when I read your comment I thought "yeah right, she has no idea how horrible it is."