Wednesday, April 01, 2009

No Peeking

From Life is dandy

Well, you know how it is.
Yesterday went by too fast, tomorrow never seems to come and I've really had enough of today's challenges. Can't I just take a little peek into the future to see what it's like?

Any who, I finally discovered this week what gives me the most satisfaction from being a preschool teacher. It's not seeing the kid learn how to wash their hands, share toys, or name their colors. Its when I see the love a parent has for their kid and how special they are in their eyes.... I get this amazing feeling.

On another note -
after 3 years of blogging on and off, I've finally decided what "LIFE IS DANDY" means.


le7 said...

Nu, what does it mean?

Dovid said...

Ya, what does it mean?

Sef said...

Ok so I was thinking. Dandy = dandelion DUH! Then I did research on the dandelion and found out some pretty cool stuff like...

it has really strong roots and adapts REALLY well. I figure, that's a good policy to have for myself. Well I try..
anyway.. yeah. It's the best I can do.

Dovid said...

Sounds cool, like an explanation from a maamer. Lehovin inyan life is dandy- Dandy miloshon dandelion.