Monday, April 27, 2009

YES on Change

From Life is dandy

Have you ever glanced back, at who you once were? And did you recognize your old self?
You can't suspect the future. All you can do is study the past and live in the moment.

Amazing, how change creeps upon us slowly.

Who I was and what I wanted does not at all match up with myself today. That scares me, because if I have changed this much already, who will I be tomorrow? What will be in the future? what will be in the future? what will be in the future? what will be?

The thought keeps pounding my head.

Where will I end up, who will I meet, how will I make my decisions.
Is it healthy, to go to places I once swore I'd never go?


One day, I know, this will all start to make sense.


sarabonne said...

I see, so because you couldn't be Asian you surrounded yourself by them?
Nice post, is the drawing from old class notes? Mine always are...

Mottel said...

You were such a Sushi! (White on the outside, yellow on the inside)!
Nice drawing by the way . . . who is it?

le7 said...

Hmmmmm. Yeah indeed scary stuff.