Monday, February 11, 2008

The Old Man

I've been thinking on what my next post should be for a while now and this is what finally hit me.

On the midrachov [the main street] in Tsfat stands this one old man, every day, selling cheap jewelery. Every time a person passes him he throws out his offer, holding up one of his items "chamesh shekel, chamesh shekel..." [5 shekel, 5 shekel]. That also includes me. I've been here for almost 4 months now, and every time I pass him he asks me to buy something...

At first I was thinking "honestly, doesn't he ever get tired of asking people? Doesn't he see me ignore him, every day? Why does he bother trying?"
Ok, maybe because he's so old his memory is going a little..understandable..

But the conclusion I took out of it for myself, is that this guy doesn't give up. Every day he stands out there selling junk, asking mostly the same people...every time they turn him down..And yet he just keeps at it... Thats really something we should all do, to learn not to give up when you want keep trying..stay strong..

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