Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Israel Experience #314

I just got back from my weekend off in Jerusalem. After spending the past month in Tsfat, I forgot how normal Israel can actually be.

Ok that was just a side note, here's what I really wanted to write about...

Incase you didn't know, Israeli's push. When standing in line at the grocery story, that split second you space out and forget where you are, someone will cut in front of you.
Getting onto buses is a whole other story..I'm teaching myself how to push back, I mean.. It's basic survival instincts here. If you don't push, you don't get anywhere.

Sunday morning I was in the Western Wall Tunnel. I wandered through the tunnels alone and at one point encountered a group of American tourists. The group was big and the tunnel is narrow so I had to move slowly with them... When suddenly a man notices me trying to pass and he shouts to the rest of the group "MAKE WAY FOR THE YOUNG LADY TO PASS! MOVE TO THE SIDE! LET HER PASS"...I honestly did not expect that.. Its definitely not an Israeli thing to do, I would of had to either push or wait... But with Americans?

Completely different society.

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