Sunday, December 16, 2007


Last month the staff here at Machon Alte decided that it was time to move into bigger apartments. The move was pretty neccessary...because at the time we had 4 girls sleeping in what was supposed to be the living room and all the other rooms in the apartment were crammed to the fullest.
Not to mention we had a few minor problems in the apartment that needed to be fixed.. for instance we had a leaky shower and toilet (yes...toilet...). Another issue- our hot water heater (called the "dude"..i dont know why) could not be used at the same time as the dryer or else our power shuts off. Lastly, our front balcony door was broken..just a little (its not attached to the bottom hinges).
Dont get me wrong though, this is not at all complaints. Everything here has been wonderful and I really love Israel. But you know, these issues had to be addressed..So instead of renting these icky small apartments - the school decided to rent big ones!
Everyone was excited about the move. New apartments, bigger space, new roommates!

Anyway, we finally moved in last night. Packed all our stuff - shlepped it down stairs and back up more - unpacked..and I have to new room is really great. Its small, I have one - great - roommate and I have privacy. Its a big difference to last years 5 rommates deal...

I want to mention that nobody has to worry about me because i am now sleeping in a bomb shelter.......

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