Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Escape to J-town

My general rule to life is that where one finds a group of girls living together, there is more than likely to be drama amongst them.

It’s an unfortunate thing I think that girls create such negative atmospheres for themselves. Personally, I always try to stay as far away as possible from the insanity of dorm life.

However, ever since I came back from Hungary… I couldn’t escape the scene. I was involved so much in it that at one point I thought I would bite the next person’s head off.

Later I decided that you know what, sometimes violence isn’t the answer. Instead, my friend Chaya came up with the idea that we should escape to Jerusalem for a day, maybe go shopping, go to the western wall…chillax…

We left early in the morning before people woke up (which added to the “escaping” effect because some girls didn’t know where we were) and arrived to J-town around 11:30 AM. We walked around, explored the shuk and ate lunch at the green village. The food was healthy yet served “cafeteria” style. You grab a plate, fill it up with goodies ( I happened to get rice with tomato sauce, sweet potato, garlic bread and eggplant salad) then make your way to the register where they weigh your plate. The heavier it is – the more money…right?

After lunch we walked through the old city to the Kotel (the Western Wall). I had a chance to clear my head…

We ended the day walking through the only mall in Jerusalem. You know, I can probably count the number of malls in all of Israel…Its hard to imagine sometimes how Angelinos would survive Israel…The whole idea of shopping, for fun? Definitely something that has never crossed their minds.

Ok, it wasn’t a jam packed day full of exciting tours and events… It was just an escape moment…

All in all, It was a great day.


autone said...

You are blogging again! Congratulations.
Enjoy Israel, be safe and take it all in - as this is the place of the origins of three major religions.


Elisheva said...

I know. I turned into an absolute nutcase living with so many girls. It even pains me to take responsibility for the wacko things I did.

I bet no one from MA would know what to do seeing me in such a normal state....

By the way you really did escape because I had no idea where you guys went.