Saturday, August 08, 2009

Here We Go

From Untitled Album

If you've noticed, I changed the title to my blog. I was thinking about how I like to travel and somewhere in my thoughts I came up with "sef on the go.." and it stuck. I'm always on the go. Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, AUSTRALIA! This blog needs a little shaping up. It's been floating obliviously for too long now.

OK, so here it begins. Journey #4. If you don't already know the story.. Journy #1 was Canada, #2 Israel, #3 Atlanta and soon to be #4, Australia. I'm goin to the land down under, for my dearest friends wedding. Hopefully while I'm there I can find the time and resources to update my blog. After the wedding, I have plans to travel the country for a month. So ok,
here we go go go!


Mottel said...

pretty cool! Maybe you'll hook up with some shluchim down under and spend the year there!

Mottel said...
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sarabonne said...

Have fun nomad lady!