Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am a mountain...

We're learning about mountains in preschool, in honor of shavuos.
I would probably try to come up with better posts and put up new pictures, but with my internet out at home - its becoming such a shlep. You'll have to bear with me for about 3 more weeks. I'm counting down to the end and it's making me a little bit anxious. No more having to smile at strangers, no more having to make lesson plans. yes yes yes yes yes.

From masada

From Tveria

From Golan Heights

From Israel Travels

From Amuka

From Life is dandy


sarabonne said...

"Cows are beautiful, they never speak loshan horah"
Rabbi Mordy

le7 said...

DUDE I used to have that posted on my blog...