Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh! Life?

I've been so tired this month.

I've felt so suffocated this year. You know, I really don't like suffocation.

I've been feeling quite invisible lately. But, that can happen when you don't socialize.

I'm feeling not, myself?

As my 21 birthday rolls around, I'm being forced to stop and take account.
It's important to pause and align yourself back on track.

Are those coals being fanned?
Is the train running on schedule?
Have you kept in contact with the conductor?
Is the company growing?

One kid in preschool gets a mini-bagel for lunch every - single - day. Sometimes she just won't be into it and honestly I can't blame her for it.
So to get her motivated we tell her "Wow! you've eaten so much already! You're almost done!"
and it works like a charm.

We also have to do that in life. Yeah we make mistakes, but focus on your accomplishments or else you'll never get passed them.
Deep breath. Take another bite.

and the engine keeps on rollin.

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Mottel said...

Hang in there buba!

le7 said...

Seffel, you're right.


Packing matzos (no joke) make me realize I need to do more to connect to I am as a Jew.

sarabonne said...

Just keep on "truckin" dolly. Perhaps we'll see you soon??? Nu? Nu? lol