Monday, February 09, 2009

Hunger pains

Isn't it annoying
when you get hungry and it's hard
to decide what to eat? I'll stand in front of the fridge
for a good 3 minutes.
open it.
close it. walk away.
walk back. open it. nope.
close it.
open it.
Ah fine, ok, I'll make some toast.


LE7 said...

Who took the picture?

Brian Christopher said...

Just passing through. It would be rude if I didn't say hello.

Sefirah said...

self-timed camera on the water purifier on the counter behind us.

LE7 said...

I still haven't figured out my self timer. Rather frustrating.

sarabonne said...

Eat the tangerines in the corner and pretend you're somewhere exotic.

Mottel said...

Such a girl problem. I open up the fridge and have no problem eating . . . only issue is if the fridge is empty!

sarabonne said...

Then you open the freezer.