Saturday, May 03, 2008

Moving On

They've walked on Hollywood Boulevard and across ancient holy-land in Israel.
Its funny, it's weird, cliche.
No matter, I still feel that my shoes tell a pretty cool story.


Mottel said...

Sister -think you're the first Lightstone to write a shoe blogging post?
Besides -they've got holes :-P

Put up some of your great pics.

kesem mia said...

I like i like :)
Btw, why is it that when your shoes get old, they look so awesome, but when mine get old, they look... well... old! Not to mention ugly, beat up, worn, and down right throw-away-able!!!???!?

Sefirah said...

Brother -
It's the defects in the shoes that make them so beautiful! Sorry to sound so artsy fartsy, but its true.

Kesem -
because I believe that converse are made to be worn that way, when they're clean is when they look awkward!

Mottel said...