Tuesday, April 08, 2008

20 Seconds of Joy

In the span of 20 seconds you can:

take a picture
write a lyric to a song
cross a street
pick a flower
eat a piece of chocolate
straighten your bangs
smile at a friend
tell a joke
tie your shoes
sketch a drawing
turn on your t.v. and surf through some channels
take a deep breath

The people in Sderot however, only have 20 seconds to run for cover before missiles hit the ground.

My heart is with Israel. 


Perel said...

this is a strong post, well said.
HaShem yishmor

kesem mia said...

Sefirah, I luv u so much!
That was incredibly written. Come to my house for Pesach, ppl here speak Hebrew, you'll feel like you're in Israel lol.