Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Where do you spend your time and money? What do we focus our energy on?

I believe that sometimes people get side tracked in their daily activities.
We forget that there should be more to life then that perfect cup of coffee in the morning to the newest style of shoes.
Some won't even consider that there could be possibly more to life.

These ideas popped into my mind from random experiences of the past week.

Because I discovered that even though Tsfat is a mostly religious town, there are those that will spend time, money and energy over events they consider holy and everlasting...

And there are those who those who spend their time, money and energy into something else.

These examples are a little extreme, but I feel that my point still remains clear.


kesem mia said...

Very nice. I think that Hashem should just bless us with an abundance of parnosa, that way we can make our Holy projects unbelievable, and still have a good cup o' joe :)

Sefirah said...

i agree!
(because i really do enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning)

kesem mia said...

I'm glad we can agree on such things. Now the question is, who gets up to boil the water for the coffee, me or you? :)

Perel said...

I have this thing when i am blog-surfing, i'd watch the pics and then i'd read the ...i thought the guys were nic yeshiva bochurim in a purim mode...chaval, these guys seem to have purim all year round...
Hey, one mitzva at a time, all this energy will be directed to kedusha instead of klipa...we still have worl to do!

kesem mia said...

I'm so glad I called so I could finally get us to conclude that you'll make the coffee!!!
Now that, that is settled... Shall I bake cookies to go with?

C ya soon :)